Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Everything Is Coming Together

The story so far. We have finalized the script and I broke it down into individual scenes and created a production board as pictured above.
The schedule is 4 days where the longest day will be 4 pages for the party scene. Though the previous night we will need to go a bit long as the night exteriors will have to wait until sundown. Not a big deal and I scheduled the fantasy stuff for that day as well.
Mark the DP and Bennie the camera operator and I met on Saturday to discuss some technical issues and to decide when we are going to start shooting. Prodction will begin on September 8th and complete on the following weekend on the 16th. It is very exciting and Mark has some great Ideas for matching the look I want and how to transition into the fantasy sequences.
What is left to be done are to finish story boarding the script. I draw for crap so I am staging the scenes and taking BW photos with the digital camera placeing the shots into a word template I set up. It seems to work rather well but I have to shrink the photos down so that they are not too large for the document.
Here is a shot of Lucy discovering the doll.

More to come...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Table Reading

So Last night we had our first table reading of the script with The Neighb, The Child and of course Lorraine. Nothing will shake out dialog more that actually hearing it read back to you and we got some great notes on minor changes to dial it in.
I have also been using our digital camera to set up images for the story boards and it seems to be working just swell. maybe I will post them at a later date.
Anyway I gotta get back to the day job.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Got a Working Title

OK so my original inspiration when asking for a story was to work in the song "Dancing in the Moonlight" which is on the player in the right sidebar. I was obsessing on the song and envisioned a happy dance of the characters at the end of the story. That was all I had. Thank the Gods for Iwanski to give me something to flesh it out. Lame Idea perhaps but hey what can I say.
so STatus so far is I have the script where I want it and now it rolls over into a shooting script with more technical aspects written in and scene numbers. Then we do the whole strip board exercise and figure out a schedule that is to everyones liking. I have a DP, Mark Schapiro and a camera man Benito Vasquez. Lorraine, The Child and the Neighbor have agreed to play the main speaking roles and the Neighb agreed to be the art department.
I have an Idea for an AD but I have yet to ask the person if they are interested and we also need some Extras and Bit players.
And a Dog.
I hope to shoot after we go to Chicago in July
Oh Yeah the title as of now is 'Dancing in the Moonlight'. Not Casa Blanca