Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Here It's Here

The last of my grip gear arrived yesterday. Yeah Stuff!
I'll post photos later when I have a chance to get it orginized.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MMMM Stuff

So I placed my Orders for new film stuff for which to shoot the show.
I got a Starter grip Package and two light stands from CinemaGadgets Which has lots of cool techy little bits in it for a pretty decent price.
And from Lights On Retail I got some new lights as follows;
2 1,000 Watt Molequartz 6" Baby Solarspot 1K
3 1000 Watt EGT OSRAM Globe - 1K Bulb
2 1K Baby Barndoor, 4-Way, 4- Leaf, 6 5/8"
2 1K Baby Scrim, Half Single, 6 5/8"
2 1K Baby Scrim, Half Double, 6 5/8"
2 1K Baby Scrim, Full Single, 6 5/8"
4 1K Baby Scrim, Full Double, 6 5/8"
Lee-Roll-216 216 Lee Filters Full White Diffusion Roll
Lee Filters Color Temperature Blue Rolls DENSITY: Half-CTB-202
Lee Filters Color Temperature Straw Rolls DENSITY: Half-CTS-442
Lee-Roll-209 209 Lee Filters .3 Neutral Density Roll

And from Film Tools I got a copuple of scrim bags for the lights.
Yeah Geeky Lighting details but the bottom line is that I can now light just about any small scene with the new stuff and the stuff I already have. I am so Pumped. I love getting stuff.