Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mon Cour Screening

It went well enough thoug to the childs great dissapointment the +R dvd type is not as universal as one would hope and it did not play on the 911 DVD player.
WE will rescreen Mon Couer on December 12th if anyone desires to show..Great. Matthew will bring Merlot.

As for the screening it was pretty cool and the people there were all very supportive of each others work. The first was young man and his friends putting poetry and music to images. The poems and music were good and the only issues I had were technical. The audio (which was dubbed in) had an annoying 60 cycle hum that bespeaks a bad ground or a mic cable crossing a power cable. (Little trick here... if your mic cable must cross the power cable have it do so at 90 degrees so as to cancel out the magnectic field that causes the hum)
And he gave each person in the show his or her own title card. For each role they may have played in the production. This practice is tiresome and should be stopped.
The second show was actually forgetable I can't seem to remember it. If it happened at all.
The third was Dylan's which could not be screened and then they showed Chaointe which I am too close to, to comment on.
After that was a rather scatological piece that was nothing but a bad pun in the final analysis and a show called Blake that was an art piece set around images from Robert Blake Movies and TV.
A guy showed up with some experimental 3d video and we closed by showing Dylan's Fall which would actually play.
All in All it was a pretty good time and we will definatly be back next month

Gee now I need another editing project


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Morris said...

I cant remember the second one either....At all no matter how hard I try. I'm glad its not just me.


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