Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mon Couer Screening Part Deux

Last night we returned to 911 to screen Dylan's Mon Couer. this time with a -R dvd that played just fine on their equipment. There were five people showing 8 films. the first two were by a woman who morphed computer painting with music to great effect and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Teh nice thing was she made both films the right length. Not too long. A lot of times whe artists do this sort of media piece, they get self indulgent and think all we want to do is watch 20 minutes of thier vision. Which can grow rather tiresom. or They make an ambient video piece that runs for 30 minutes in a loop and expect people to sit through it. It is ambient video for a reason. something mindless in the background. This woman got it right.The second two were trailers for a kids film fest inJanuary at the Nortwest Film Forum and one for the Asian American Film Festival. Then an very clever Stop Motion Animation about a robot and a bear theat the kids also seemed to Enjoy.We then screened Mon Couer. It was well received and people laughed in all the right places and the woman who did the art piece even sang along with Edith Piaf in the opening credits.Matthew Showed Merlot which again confused people but not in a negative way. It inspired a great deal of discussion mostley positive. Teh only negative really being some conversation on the microphones in the nastier audio segments.Then this guy who came in late showed his "Production companies" Reel. Mostly a series of mediocre commercials. he then pontificated a bit, read talked down tothe rest of us and shot out the door without giving anyone a chance to converse. Typical Seattle "professional" behavior.Furthermore, I was greatly dissapointed that the 3 people who came to show the second 3 film showed their stuff and promptly left. This is just rude and I do not care what your excuse is. We sat though your bits and were polite. You had better sit though ours. The whole point here is about support and providing a forum for film makers who would otherwise not have any place to screen their work other then at home. Shame on you and doubly to the guy who showed up during the screening of the final piece only to show his commercial reel. How arrogent is that.


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