Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day 4 The Big Tuesday

This was promised to be a long day and they certainly delivered. We went from about 9 am to just before 2 AM. The day involved interiors of Barca, Night exteriors of Barca and a Green Screen shot we staged at the Northwest Actors Studio. the call sheet refered to it as a company move but in reality we did not move it was just a half block away.
The interiors were a large dark room that was to be filled with principles and extras. In order to light it we needed to hang the 20 x 30 rag to block the daylight at the entrance and the we used speed rail and clamps to mount a bank of Baby Babys and Tweenies to light the tables and booths and they also hung some China Lanterns from the ceiling and a Baby Junior in the Balcony and couple of other little lights sprinckled around for the dark corners.

This is Jerimiah up on the 12 step trying to find power. he was a great guy to work with. and a former steele worker from Ohio.

This is an ovely soft photo of Thom the director, The second Assistant Cameraman and
Neil the DP. I am disapointed that I did not get a good shot of Neil and the camera. I like those shots as they look cool Neil was a great guy with lots of cred. He is a gaffer and is trying to build a reel as a DP. Independance Day..He lit it.

This is Todd the 1st AD and Thom and some random woman.

There are times when you just wait around for something to do. This is TJ coping with the boredom. When I saw that TJ was on the call sheet on the first day as the Steady Cam operator I was pleased. I had worked with him in the past. I did not note the Jr in the call sheet. This is actually the son of the TJ I knew. But Junior was a great guy and we had him every so often when we needed a steady cam or crane. Which we did today.

This is some of the crew, L-R some german kid that hung around and helped out, Steve the Gaffer for the day, Dixi the UPM and two of the extras.[Edit-Thanksto Dom Zook it turns out that the Extras are his friends, Eric and Amelya.] I love the pose that Dixi Struck.
WE had to be out of the interior of the bar by 5 so that they could open for the evening. WE wrapped out in about 20 minutes to the street. It was amazing and Thom was happy we were able to do so.
We then setup the green screen shot and I hung out at the truck getting some of the lights set for the night exterior.
In order to get the moonlight effect we place a 1200 HMI Par on a Fireescape at the corner of the block. My rigging Idea but it is pretty standard. Take a Combo Stand and lean it out against the metal rail attaching it to the rail using a vise grip that has a chain instead of clamps. Stabalize it with the rocky mountain leg of the stand(It extends) and then focus the light off the building, We also had to do the same basic rig with a couple of Baby Babys on the roof over the entrance of the Barca. This belonged to a guy who had an apt next door and he was a bit reticent to allow this but he eventually gave in and we got it one. WE then filled with the Para beam and a couple of tweenies.
The Girl in the Red Dress
As the night wore on the club scene of capital hill started hopping. At one point this young woman in a reddress and fuck me pumps sauntered by. Two of the guys went off and started flirting asking if she wanted to be an extra.
Now I am all for these guys trying to get their bone on and more power to em. I mean this chick was really hot. But they were giving her beer out of our supply. This brings me to another point. One of the day players was drinking the beer and smoking pot and generally being useless. I know this is a volunteer gig and all and he could have split at any time. But this is dangerous work at best and this is exacerbated by getting buzzed. I was pretty unimpressed by this guys behavior and I am glad that the DP also noticed. Oh yeah he got invited over to the red hot babes house after we wrapped. Fuker.
So we shot the night stuff and Norbert was getting kind of miffed that it was taking so long. His IA card started burning. I can understand where he is coming from again it is about volunteer work and such and I was getting pretty burnt out by the time we wrapped. See every 6 hours you need to provide a meal according to IA rules. This is fair. After you go over the six hours you go into meal penalties which can be rather lucrative to the guy not getting fed on time. I did a day on the hand that rocks the cradle as an electrician. I was getting maybe 150 for the day but we went into OT and meal penalties so I actually skated with a check for about 600 bucks. Nice surprise to be sure.
Anyway we go a walking lunch of dominos and at that point Norbert had had enough and decided he was not going to return the next day. And he was driving the truck. I took over that duty the next day which was the wrap day. As We were leaving we ran into that Shooting mentioned in a previous post.
Oh Snap! I almost forgot. I invited Lorraine and Dylan to stop by on their journies and they did. Dylan was beside herself with joy over being in a real movie set and I introduced them to Norbert and Thom. Who I have to say took a moment and was very gracious, when in fact he was rather busy. Snaps to Thom.
Dont get me wrong here. There is drama on all movie shoots. I am trying to keep an upbeat attitude in my accounts but regardless of the type of work, I expect a level of professionalism. The kid that got the babe did not display any as far as I could tell. But really that little issue was the only really annoying thing to happen


At 1:15 PM, Blogger Lorraine said...

I want to give snaps to Thom as well. He was so lovely and gracious to us...and sooooo appreciative of you. As was everyone else we met. They all kept thanking us for letting them have you for the project. You impressed those people, honey. Good on you. Not so much for going on and on about the girl in the red dress and giving her a section all of her own and allowing her to almost make you forget that your wife and child (Ball and Chain?) showed up. But then, it's my fault. I didn't wear a red dress. Next time.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Eric said...

I did not go on and on I was simply useing the moment to seque into my point. and Man she was Hot

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Yasamin said...

thanks for the comment.

read the blog... very interesting job you have. or is it hobby now that you are no longer in LA? trip out. my boyfriend is very much into the art of film making and the mechanics behind it...

good stuff. :p

At 6:43 PM, Blogger Eric said...

Right now it is just an avocation. I had to give it up for family. IE not raised in LA but here in SEattle. But I do take part in whatever I can.
And good luck with the novel.

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Grish said...

Hey, You got any pictures of the girl?!

Just kidding. :P

It really sounds like it was a good time. I am sure that it was a nice nostalgic time.

I guess it wouldn't pay to be afraid of heights either, since that one guy on the ladder is a little bit up there.

At 7:54 AM, Blogger Eric said...

Grish no I think taking the trouble to get a picture of the girl would have carried me over some line that I do not wish to cross. And yeah heights make me a bit woogie so Jerimiah (Ex Steel Worker) got that duty.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Dom said...

Those two extras are none other than my friends Eric and Amelya! Both tried and true filmmakers in Seattle. Cool beans.


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