Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More of the Same Monday

This is Norbert. Sorry about the soft focus but I set my camera to museum to avoid flashes on the set. We have become friends during the shoot and we worked pretty well together. He is an IA member from the LA local and he has to go down there about 6 months a year to keep his union card current. We started getting paying work about the same time so I kind of think that if I had stayed in the business I would be at or above his level. I did manage to gain his respect and trust and that meant a great deal.
So Monday we are still at Sand Point. There was to be a company move today to a fishing boat but that was postponed in order to get the stuff we really need from Sand Point. The day went really long and we had to wrap the truck at the end but we got just about every thing we needed.
Scenes shot were In Arthur’s Office, A lunch room, A Hallway and the Receptionists area for the fortune cookie company. By today we had gotten into the crew groove and had 3 electric, Myself, Jeremiah and Norbert and also had a dedicated Grip, Phil and a kid named Drew who is part of Norbert's extended family. I burnt myself on a 1200 Par HMI that is finally getting healed. We finished after about 13 hours, had a couple of beers and took the truck home to Norbert’s and I went to bed.
Very Tired and not much else to say.


At 11:50 PM, Blogger Grish said...

You know, That picture actually works. It looks almost cinematic. Like it might be a still from a slow motion scene or something.

Get some rest! I'm feeling that way myself.


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