Friday, September 22, 2006

Sans Vie - Sunday

So Saturday we finished up the Hallway stuff and we moved into Jolie's apartment. This was all to be shots of the garbage man showing up in the morning with his big device and telling Jolie she needs a cat. The actor we got for the garbage man was a guy from work who visually fit the role but is not an actor. I had advised Matt against that choice but he decided the the look was more important then the acting. He'll learn, actually I think he did. The point is that the scene is complex and we needed to stay on track so we could stay on schedule. The actor was just having a hard time with his lines and performance and we went through a lot of takes to get to the point where Matt needed a meeting and some ideas as how to overcome this and get the performance and the scene. We gave him some ideas including, Not using a made up language but let him speak english, and Marks Idea of singing the dialog and ADR later. What they did do was give him a couple of beers at lunch and then finally got a decent performance out of him. But by this time we were way behind schedule and had to cut a lot of the cut aways of him running his garbage machine, The Sten Creasy 200 or something like that. You can see it behind me in the photo. We also lost our daylight so we had to put off getting the reverse angles of Jolie responding to his action. All said and done it was a good weekend and we were only a little behind schedule. But the pickup shots were adding up and we needed to keep moving.
As for the lighing of the room for this daylight scene we kept it pretty simple.
We mounted 4x4 squares of whit card at opposite corners of the room at the top of the wall and the ceiling so as to create a sort of parabola and then depending on the angle of the camera would bounce the 2K off the opposite corner for general volume and then fill with a 1 K directly into the other

As noted in the diagram. We then shaped the light as needed but since it was daylight we really did not have to do too much of that. WE ofcourse had 1/2 blue on The lights and covered the windows with 3-ND. WE also had a 1 K burning in the hall to light that portion. You can see the general effect from the Photo at the top of the post and all in all it worked out pretty well.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Iwanski said...

I am jumping around in my chair with excitment as I read this. Seriously, I am a freak right now for this stuff.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Eric said...

Well settle down and It will all be OK. How goes the post in your show?

At 1:32 AM, Blogger Grish said...

Sounds cool buddy. Like the picture there...


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