Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sometimes They Just Don't get It

UPDATE: I heard back from ASCAP and BMI to discover they only license live performances not sync rights. I found that that was managed by BMI and I sent them a hat in hand email asking for rights to the song for our show. We will see but I do not hold too much hope
Now on to our regularly scheduled post.
I belong to this online group called The Indie Club. Basicly a web based bulliten board for film makers of all stripes.
So the club in Columbus OH put together a couple of promotional videos for the club as a bit of fun. They were clever and funny but a bit long for being a commercial say about 3 minutes each.
Regardless they posted them on the club board and it raised a complete shit storm of multi paragraph diatribes about how the quality was poor and their sillyness did not represent the group yada yada yada.
Fine but it I was bothered by the elitest attitude so I put together a response to the nonsense.
Here are the two videos posted by Columbus


And here is my response Enjoy



At 9:28 AM, Blogger Lorraine said...

Bwahahahaha. "Why do you hate America?" Bwahhahahahahaha.

At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took a picture of your rosemary bush as you filmed this. (just trying to feel contected to greater things...carry on.)

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Grish said...

I spy HTML programming books behind you...

At 6:05 AM, Blogger Sling said...

What was the guy with the ill-tied Windsor knot thinking?
Next thing you know,members will dare to laugh out loud!..Funny stuff eric!

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Eric said...

Auld - yes I saw the picture on the blog it is very nice
Grish - of course half the battle of software development is having good reference books
Sling-Thanks for stopping by, thanks, we try


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