Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've Been Uh ...Busy

Wow has it really been over a year since I have posted anything substantive? Let's try and fix that shall we?
First I suppose a recap is in order.
I am still waiting on Buck to finish a draft of the sound track. C'mon bro show me some love. Mark and I had listed out some sound sweetening tasks to perfrom. These
mostly involved a few sound effects, foleys and what dialog do we want to re record. it is a short list but I needed a way to record them. I did get a free digital recording software package Audacity that seemed pretty sweet. I bought a two channel mixer and a studio mic, stand and spit guard. that I wired into the Computer. Problem was that the computer was on and the fan was audible over the recordings. And keeping Lorraine and Dylan focused was not the easiest task I had. Not that I can blame them, my urgent need for their time did not exactly meld in with how they wanted to spend a saturday afternoon. And with out a sound track to inspire me I just grew disinterested. But that will change soon. Over the last couple of weeks I bought a new rack mount digital recorder and boom mic kit. I also got a DJ travel box that will allow me to encapsulate the recorder and mixer into one. This I can use to record sound effects and take another shot at rerecording dialog. This is exciting as I really want to finish Fearless.

Other projects
Last summer I did the 48 hour film fest with Anthony. I know I swore that I would never ever do one again but he asked nice and actually the director was a pretty good guy and we got fed on time. We shot at the City Hall in down town Seattle My two lights played and we augmented with a couple other heads and a 1200 PAR HMI though this was an ARRI rather then my preferred LTM. However the City Hall is a BIG space and it was tough to light it correctly. The guy who owned the camera was also the editor. We lit pretty much by meter but double checked using the monitor he provided that he swore was calibrated correctly. It wasn't and there was a lot of darkstuff that they had to fix in post. And the editor got really snippy with anthony over a soft take. Ida bitch slapped him myself. Regardless we finished and the show actually won Audiance choice for the night it was screened. But I still have not seen nor gotten my copy so who knows.

Lights and Grip
I have been over the past 6 months or so been building up my grip and lighting package. I have been spending a major amount of duckets and I now have what I feel is a really nice grip and lighting truck. No more pieces to be added. So...what do I now have?
For Tungstens I now have;
4 Mole Richardson 1 k Fresnel heads complete with scrims and barn doors. Two studio babies and two babie babies.
1 Mole Richardson 2 K Fresnel Junior complete
2 Mole richardson 650 fresnel tweenie complete
1 Mole richardson 1 K Micky Mole complete
I still have the 600 watt Smith Victor cans
My new baby is a brand spankin new LTM 1200 Par HMI complete with lenses, ballast barn doors and a 50 foot head feeder
a Kino flo Diva 200 Kit which totally rocks but I have not yet played it, it is so new.
and of course the happy china balls. This is a long way from the old soft box I built a couple of years ago.
I also now have about 8 nice black 25' stingers for my low tech distro

For grip I added some new light stands two combo stands and 5 new c stands for a total of 8 c stands. and a fancy new c stand cart to move them all around on.
I also scored a full 12'x 12' overhead kit that included all the hardware, a Double, A Single, a Silk and a Solid. Mark and I tested it out Yesterday and fortunately I will not have to get any more stands to play it. The combo stands I have will do and we simply used the head off a c stand rather then getting lolly pops.
I bought a 4' x 4' floppy from Cinema gadgets along with the overhead kit and also a new tool belt and groovy cinema gloves. Though I need to dirty up the belt a bit. I feel a little like the guy with all the new ski equipment on the bunny slope sometimes. regardless they shipped a 4 x4 solid instead. I contacted them and said just refund the 40 dollar difference so we can avoid shipping hassels and they said no. Keep the solid and we will ship you the floppy you ordered. Great guys and service. I keep asking them about Tee shirts but they never reply. sigh.

and all of this fits into my new 2000 Chevy Cargo Van. Huzzah!
I have some photos and stuff that I shot for my Web site but I will post this now and make another post later for the photos and more of what I have been up to.

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At 8:23 PM, Blogger Grish said...

Hey kinda wanting to see some pics now. I thought of buying a cargo van one time but the wife was afraid it would turn into the geek mo-bile. lol


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