Saturday, September 10, 2005

Karl Krogstad

I was a cook to make ends meet. In this position in a major metropolitan area you are bound to meet young actresses. AKA Waitresses. I did. Knowing my aspirations she pointed out to me one day that one Karl Krogsted was holding forth with film making classes. For only 200.00 dollars. So I went and met Karl. I explained to him my desires to work in the film industry but I had no experience. Would my 200.00 dollars get me work? Sure he said. We were in his garage/ editing studio in south Seattle not far from where I live now. I was inspired by the sync block / moviola editing stuff he had there. (blinkin lights) and gave him a check.
The man changed my life. Literaly. His symposium was basically a horses mouth course on guerella film making.
Karl made animations of GI Joe dolls and other items of that ilk into amusing short films. all fairly strange. My favorite being 'The Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer Murders'.
I became involved during the big MTV video craze. Back in the day when the videos were short stories that told a story. Beginning Middle and End. It was the 80s.
My first shoot with KK was a spec vide of a Rolling Stones tune. Chicks in monk costumes dancing around to Mick singing. I got to be a lighting guy.
I had back ground having been a roadie for a rock band and hanging their lights. but this was for camera.
Remember this was the early 80s and the creative heyday of music videos. MTV actually showed videos. So I felt cutting edged. It was great and with Karl I went on to work an a plethor of other shows. Mostly as his sound guy, schelping a boom and a Nagra around the greater Seattle area. A pilot of cute street kids in the market called Poineer Kids, Post Production Sound on a feature called Strings, a number of local band videos, Reddress a couple of guys from the original Heart etc etc and on and on. A documentry on film (Karl's Film) called the 20th Century Art. Met a bunch of filmies and really enjoyed my life. The Starving Artist.e
Next...Karl Continued and Jeff Meyer's Amanda

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How I got started

I have always liked movies. Trying to figure out how effects were made. When in High school we had a really great History teacher, Mr. Ron Green. He also taught Film studies. So we always saw films either in History, Industrial Revolution--How Green was my Vally, Westward expansion-- She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. and so on. Film studies was great and Mr Green was the best. I heard that he had a heart attack and passed away. That saddened me. Needless to say he hooked me not necessaraly the craft but how to watch. He always advised against us trying to make a film as a project as it was very complicated and expensive. (these were the days before the ubiquitous video cameras)
Fast forward about 5 years. I am 22 or 23 and taking Gung Fu from one of Bruce Lee's former seattle students, Jim Demille. Jim always wanted to make a movie about Bruce's real life here in Seattle. I gave him some $$ as startup capitol on the promise that I would be involved in the production. WE used to practice moves for Jim on camera. I always played the bad guy.
These pictures are of me getting beaten by Steve Friend. I wonder whatever happened to Steve.

Aren't I Bad? Adn Yes that is a Reefer Man Jacket. Go Figure

Anyway it was this experience that gave me my first taste of the Seattle Film Making Community. Jeez what a bunch af arrogent jerks.

You couldn't possibly make your little movie and the people you have involved have absolutly no credentials.

Needless to say Jim struggled wioth the idea for a few years but to no avail. As for myself I was going to try regardless.

Next Karl Krogstad and dating Actresses.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Chaointe almost Done

Been back and forthing it with Matt and I think we have a pretty good cut. At least goodenough to send to music guy for music. Now I have to start thinking about the sound edit.
To Foley or to Not Foley...that is the question.

I'll give it a day

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Editing Chaionte

After putting it off for several days I have finally gotten down to a pretty decent cut of Chaionte. Inserted some cut away shots on some overly long takes and shortend up some pregnant pauses. Added the opening graphics that I had available and the closing poem and the Mockstreet logo. it is in Matt's hands now and I wait for notes. I hope to have a final image cut by tuesday so I can add sound effects and titles. Music guy is going to make the music.