Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tag I'm It...Shit

1). I never seem to be able to finish anyth

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I know I have not posted shit in like forever. Been busy playing army with my virtual friends at the 28th ID and life takes over and unlike the Spouse I am not really much of a writer.
Regardless this is what has been happening.
Dylan's show, Mon Couer, has been submitted to the Chicago Young Filmmakers festival but I have not heard if it has been accepted yet. Not likely due to some copyright music I used but it was fun to do.
Lorrainskya is submitted into the Seattle True Independant Film Festival and they turn nothing down and every thing wins an award. It's called a STIFFY. giggle We also submitted Chioante.
I did a tribute to our parish priest with our neighbor that turned out pretty good. a few wet eyes at a screening but the problem is that they were going to show it to a large crowd while all were in Italy last month. but at the screening the audio would not function. Some putz screened it anyway. I was left unreasonably pissed off.