Friday, October 19, 2007

Now Crank Up your Speakers for this one


The Troggs Rule

But mixed with Cary Grant you get this:

Take that The Association


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Here are some more pictures

I have finished editing to the point where the film is assembled and now I am working on fixing up the ugly cuts.
There was one in particular that was really bugging me. It is a scene where Emily is instructing Lucy to clean her room and then come help in the kitchen. The problem was that I messed up in the shooting. My master was fine but the medium and closeup shots, I did not have the actors enter and leave the frame as they did in the actual action in the master. This was bad since the only cut I have to get out of the scene was a jump cut and that is ugly. I was talking to Lorraine about this in general and she said "You dont have to use every shot". Then last night in a moment of clarity I realised the solution. She was right but did not take it far enough. It occured to me that that scene in particular does nothing to move the story forward. I can cut it altogether and the issue goes away.

Any way here are some frame captures from the show.

Lucy Digs for the lost letter

Lucy Scores

Lucy is lost in her issues


Emily is a Snob

Emily is a Scullery Maid

The Gypsy Assault

Score 1 for the Gypsies

Dancing to Fearless

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Look Pictures

Sorry been busy and I really have a lot of things to say but no energy to say em.
Regardless there are a plethora of pictures in my myspace pix folders for Fearless production.But I will share a couple here

I love production stills with gear, cause I love gear. Matt Morris the director of Sans Vie was a grip, electrican and dolly grip extrordinaire. Note how deftly he manipulates the C Stand. that is a 24X36 Single net BTW

Dolly shots are time consuming at best. Here are the boys setting one up

I love this picture of Benito. the shot is through the bottom of the bin as Lucy is digging through the recycling

This is the crew sans our grips and electric crew Matt and Marty. Pictured is Mark, Benito, Bruce and Edgar (in the chair) We have no full frontals of Edgar since he was actually taking most of these pictures. He was our script superviser and did a great job. I know cause I am editing and therein is where the notes pay off.

The last scene we shot was a party scene. This required extras. This is a shot of the cast and extras after we wrapped. Note the Hero Letter and the Hero bunnie
We should also note that missing from this shot is Michelle AKA the Neighb cause she had to run off to choir