Sunday, October 29, 2006

San's Vie Teaser

Is right here
Sans Vie - Teaser (Questions)

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Those searching Ryan Sibley

OK This is just silly. A year and a half after posting this I still get hits from all over the world seeking to check out Ryan's beefcake shot.

That is just Sad.

And Ryan if this is you....That is just sadder :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

And for you DoD fans

a Linkin Park Video

Finally Saw Dailies

This Saturday Matt, Mark and Bruce came by and we watched pretty much all the footage we shot for Sans Vie. Overall it all looks pretty good. The performances are fantastic and the for the most part the lighting did exactly what I wanted it to do. The only exceptions being where it appeared on my TV some scenes seemed to be too dark. Increasing the brightness fixed the issues. The dinner scene really was disappointing in that it was colder then I had expected it to be. Very stark. As in the previous post the picture from Jessica Stein, was what Matt was looking for but given the location and the lighting it was really like I said cold. Not bad but was not what I had hoped for. One of the key mistakes I made was that we wanted to cut the light about 2/3s down the far wall. I used the barn doors to achieve this and it took too much of the light off the far wall. I really should have used the scrims to cut this back. Live and learn. It is usable though and that is the good thing. The hallway stuff looks great and it turned out to be exactly how I had envisioned it to be. The deuce played very nicely at the end of the hall and created some really nice layering. Though we are going to have to do some level and color correction in the final copies.
One of the issues we ran into was that we had concluded at the beginning that the camera was running at about 125 ASA and then mark changed his mind and we bumped it up to about 200. These were the slides we kept in our meters. The truth of the matter was that the different lenses used changed the relative speed of the camera and we should have changed our slides accordingly. Mark and I discussed this and concluded that a day of testing would probably have been smart. Again Live and learn.
The exteriors I really did not take part in because I had a wedding to attend but man oh man that stuff looks great too. I think that we have a real special show here and I cannot wait to see a rough cut.
The wrap party is this Friday and Matt says there will be a trailer available after that. When he posts it in his myspace I’ll make a link.

On another sad note, If you recall my post last summer about Fortune hunters at the Kau Kau BBQ, Swish the fish has passed away. Take a momemnt

Also Blogspot seems reticent to allow images so no Picture for you

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Whats Next From The Movies?

First lets get rid of the homo erotic images and replace it with this hamster. Take a look at a preview of my next "The Movies" Film, a satire based on this one we made last year.

Get this video and more at

EDIT Rereading this I find that there is absolutly no preview of my next sim movie. My bad. My intent was to build buzz among my reader, Can you Buzz for me Grish?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Help Out a Bro in the 28th

One of the guys in the 28th is up for Bacholer of the year in Cosmo. Go figure
Help the guy out and give him a vote. Details Below:

Alright everyone, heres the deal. As some of you may know, I am taking an LOA about a week long starting at the end of this week. The reason being is because these 2 girls I know apparently submitted me to Cosmopolitan Magazine a few months ago for this contest. I received a phone call a while back stating this, and that I had been selected as the 2006 bachelor of Massachusetts. I guess they pick 1 guy from each state. Not knowing anything about this, needless to say I was a little surprised and taken back. But anyways, we flew to NYC back in June for a photoshoot and interviews and what not, which is then put into their November issue. The readers vote for their favorite, and the winner is name 2006 Bachelor of the Year and gets a bachelor pad makeover worth over $15,000 from LG. They are bringing us all back to NYC this week for a big bachelor party and TV appearances so thats why I am going on LOA.

So what I need from all of you is a small favor. Voting for this contest is online, and it opens this Tuesday, October 10th at 12:01AM and closes Thursday, October 12th at 11:59PM (2 days long). I ask that if all of you could go to in between this 2 day span and just vote for me, Ryan Sibley, Mr. Massachusetts, so I can win some free stuff.

I would appreciate it very much, and wish me luck!


The exact address to my link is Here

Just go there and click vote, and then click Massachusetts. The picture is horrible, but whatever, haha. And they said that you can only vote once, but Ive voted a couple times already and it hasnt said anything different. Maybe cuz voting isnt supposed to be "open" until midnight tonight?? But its letting you now, or so it seems. So I guess vote as many times as you like!! Thanks everyone

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Columbus Day

Growing up we had this set of comedy albums, one of my favorite being Stan Freberg.
This is a link to the dialog for columbus Funny stuff and the original Maytag man played King Ferdinad.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The final Act of the gluey Series

is now out Enjoy
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This is as real as it gets

As some may know from a previous post I am an active member of the Day of Defeat Realism Unit, The 28th Infantry Division. (Computer game club) A number of our members are Marines and soldiers, Past and Present. One of our guys is currently serving in Iraq in the 101st Airborn, Easy company (Thats right the same Easy as in Band of brothers) He posted this the other day on the Unit Boards.

Hows it going everyone? Well my deployment is nearing an end, I cant tell you much more than that because I would be breaking OPSEC, but let it be known that Ill be becoming an active member again in the near future.

Anyways, its been getting pretty crazy around here now that the Islamic holiday/fasting month has begun, Ramadan. On the first day of Ramadan, the 24th of Sept. we got hit with a VBIED or car bomb, my squad [Edit-Leader?] was injured with shrapnel to thigh and he is now back in the states recovering. The next day a mortar landed outside our OP wall, no big deal. The next day our OP took small arms fire and sniper shots, which we followed up with a good 5-10 minute fire fight and another 5 minutes of shooting anything that moved, I fired about 200 SAW rounds, the first 100 of it I fired in 20 seconds. Ever since then weve just have IED increases, and ambushes on our vehicles rolling down the highway or sniper shots at our positions, but so far there hasnt been a day that something hasnt happened to our Platoon or Company.

So far Ramadan has turned out be the opposite of what we were all expecting, even the veterans that have been to Iraq before. We thought that they would fight hard the day prior to ramadan, then focus on worshipping Allah, then at the end of Ramadan they would use a car bomb or something to that effect. Unfortunataly its the opposite, they just fight everyday or do larger attacks than they normally would.

The insurgents that are responsible are mostly Foreign Fighters not Iraqi Freedom Fighters, in fact the Iraqi insurgents apparently had a source meet with a unit and tell us that they will not attack US troops and fight the Foreign Fighters if we keep US Troops in Iraq longer. So this is either good news or just a load of crap, but in a small way it brightens our spirits.

Well, thats about the latest, Im looking forward to rejoining the unit and having some fun. See you guys around.

By the way, Im getting eaten' alive by sand flea's as I write this!

Remember to thank the men and women in uniform that you may encounter in your day to day. They serve selflessly and are not the problem. That is in Washington

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Be the First

Thats right be the first to move my page views up to the 1000 mark and win absolutly nothing

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Gluey II is out

I love reading Wil's blog and have been doing so for many years now. I even got his first book. I really related to this post here. Not that I am an actor, but really about how being back in the circus really is a powerful thing. and finally...

Yes thats right be the first inthe blogosphere to see the action packed sequel to Gluey

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